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Jenny leads all things strategy, business, and most importantly team at The Newsroom. She has 6 years in Digital Media and Digital Transformation at Google and Salesforce. At a dinner table, she is the one who listens and always tells it like it is.

Jenny Romano

Co-founder & CEO
Pedro Henriques

Pedro leads all things technical at The Newsroom, from the products you see to the AI algorithms that give them life. He has 7 years in AI and Data at PayPal and LinkedIn. At a dinner table, he is the diplomat who wants everyone to have a say.

Pedro Henriques

Co-founder & CTO

From Our Instagram

  • A Nature journal study reveals that the Northern Hemisphere experienced its hottest summer in two millenia in 2023.

#climatechange #news #thenewsroominstagram icon
  • Georgia's Parliament passes the "foreign agents" bill, requiring organizations with over 20% foreign funding to register as "agents of foreign influence."

#georgia #foreign #agents #bill #news #thenewsroominstagram icon
  • Monthly elections recap - April 2024, part 2

#elections #april #2024 #news #thenewsroominstagram icon
  • Monthly elections update - April 2024

🇰🇼 Kuwait: After the Amir dissolved the National Assembly in February, new elections have been called for April, in which the opposition candidates won 29 seats in the 50-member assembly. 

🇸🇰 Slovakia: Peter Pellegrini won the final round against Ivan Korčok with 53% of the votes. This election marks a shift in Slovakia’s political arena towards stronger ties with Russia and a shift away from a pro-Western course. 

🇰🇷 South Korea: The opposition won extended control of the parliament, which could challenge the president’s domestic policies. After the elections the Prime Minister and most of the presidential advisers resigned. 

🇭🇷 Croatia: The Croatian Democratic Union won the highest number of seats, but failed to secure a majority, needing to form a coalition. While the opposition Social Democratic Party raises critical stances on the EU and NATO, the ruling party ensures continuity of Croatia’s pro-Western course and EU unity. 

🇸🇧 Solomon Islands: Jeremiah Manele, former Foreign Minister, was appointed as the country’s new Prime Minister. The shift in leadership keeps continuity in the Islands’ foreign policy, particularly in its relationship with China. 

🇲🇻 Maldives: President Mohames Muizzu’s People’s National Congress won 66 seats, while its allies took 9, giving the president the backing of a total of 75 legislators in the 93-member Parliament. Critics see this majority as a threat and a potential return to tyranny.

🇹🇬 Togo: Shortly before elections the parliament approved a new constitution that shifts the country’s governance from a presidential to a parliamentary system. The election outcome saw the ruling party winning the majority of seats in the parliament, which has been ruled by the same family for 57 years.

🇮🇳 India: The electoral process started in April and will finish at the beginning of June, with 970 million eligible voters. The incumbent Prime Minister Modi is expected to win a third term.instagram icon
  • Monthly elections recap - April 2024, part 1

#april #2024 #elections #news #thenewsroominstagram icon
  • The European Union agrees to allocate funds from frozen Russian assets to aid Ukraine.

#eu #russia #ukraine #news #thenewsroominstagram icon
  • Inspired by U.S. campus events, protests have erupted in European universities to demand an end to the war in Gaza and the cessation of academic partnerships with Israeli institutions.

#europeanuniversities #gaza #israel #university #news #thenewsroominstagram icon
  • Russia's Defence Ministry announces tactical nuclear weapons drills.

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