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AI Co-Pilot for Journalists

  • Accelerate Your Research: identify key stories, and pinpoint areas of consensus and diverse narratives being surfaced, leveraging the thousands of articles our AI assimilates daily.
  • Ensure Reliability: cross-reference information efficiently from personalised, reliable sources.
  • Access Digital Dossiers: easily access historical details and quotes related to people and organisations around the world.

Mobile App for News Readers

  • News your way, hassle-free: Explore 5 news stories per day, curated for you.
  • Unclutter: Cut through the noise, and separate fact from opinion.
  • Make up your mind: Explore both sides of the story and make up your own mind.

Our Founding Team

Jenny Romano

Jenny leads all things strategy, business, and most importantly team at The Newsroom. She has 6 years in Digital Media and Digital Transformation at Google and Salesforce. At a dinner table, she is the one who listens and always tells it like it is.

Jenny Romano

Co-founder & CEO
Pedro Henriques

Pedro leads all things technical at The Newsroom, from the products you see to the AI algorithms that give them life. He has 7 years in AI and Data at PayPal and LinkedIn. At a dinner table, he is the diplomat who wants everyone to have a say.

Pedro Henriques

Co-founder & CTO

From Our Instagram

  • Leaked documents reveal that Chinese firm I-Soon, linked to state security agencies, sold hacking tools and conducted cyberattacks.

#china #cybersecurity #news #thenewsroominstagram icon
  • Hungary's parliament is set to vote on Sweden's NATO membership, ending an 18 month delay.

#hungary #sweden #nato #news #thenewsroominstagram icon
  • With traditional journalism being challenged by social media, young journalists struggle to find a stable job. Do you know any other difficulties they face?

#journalism #job #socialmedia #news #thenewsroominstagram icon
  • Former President Donald Trump faces legal challenges in New York and Georgia.
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#trump #newyork #georgia #news #thenewsroominstagram icon
  • Journalists and user generated content: should news readers slow down the consumption of news?instagram icon
  • The European Commission has withdrawn a bill to halve pesticide use by 2030 due to farmer protests and political deadlock.

#europeancommision #farmersprotests #news #thenewsroominstagram icon
  • Thank you @reutersinstitute  for mentioning us in “Journalism, media, and technology trends and predictions 2024” by Nic Newman.
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  • Three steps to avoid a shitstorm if you're working in the news.

Source: @slownewscom 
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